Joining Us

How to come along to Lunch Positive

The lunch club is provided for all people affected by HIV, people living with HIV, and their carers.

If you would like to ask any questions or let us know that you’d like to come along to meet us and see what the lunch club does, you can phone us or contact us on the website contact form.

If you decide that would like to join us and become a ‘member’ of the lunch club, there is a simple referral process. Whilst a referral is taking place (which sometimes takes a little while), you are of course welcome to keep coming along for lunch.

How you can join

A referral can take place in one of the following two ways:

  1. From an agency or organisation that works with people with HIV
  2. Self referrals

Referrals from agencies that work with people with HIV

If you are involved with any of the following organisations or agencies, you can ask your support worker or clinician to refer you. They can do this before you first come along, or after having visited for the first time. You’re welcome to come along for lunch whilst your referral is being processed.

Referral agencies include:

  • Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals Trust
  • Sussex Partnership
  • Community HIV Specialist Team – South Downs Health NHS
  • Mind OUT
  • St.Peter’s House Project
  • Sussex Beacon
  • Terrence Higgins Trust (South)
  • East Sussex Downs & Weald NHS Trust
  • West Sussex PCT

Self referrals

If you are not involved with any of these agencies or able to ask them to refer you before you first come along, we can help you complete what we call a ‘self referral’.

This is very simple, and when you come along for lunch we will help you complete a form which will be sent to someone who can confirm your status. You’re still welcome to come along for lunch whilst your referral is being dealt with. If you would like to refer yourself,  please talk to us about this when you first come along or  contact us to have a confidential chat

Information for referrering organisations

If you are a referrer, and want to make a referral – please click here to complete an online referral form.