Lunch Positive is constituted as a charitable trust and is registered as a charity in England with the Charity Commission.
The organisation is managed by a board of trustees. Trustees meet regularly to oversee the running of the charity. Our trustee board is comprised of people who have a range of experience and expertise to undertake effective management of the organisation; and includes people who live with or are affected by HIV.


Steven Foster (Chair)
Steven was born and bred in Wednesbury in the West Midlands, and has a home in Brighton since 1999. Being a priest in the Church of England, he brings particular personal gifts and insights to his position as a trustee. Working for sometime outside of parish structures, mainly for 10 years as Gallery Supervisor at Tate Modern in London, he has experience of management and training of volunteers. Being chairman of school governors over the years he has been involved in the setting out of statutory and non-statutory policies, governance of trusts and finance. He has worked alongside those living with HIV, both personally and professionally for many years, and is able to bring to Lunch Positive a lively and trusted personality, with some unique skills.

Tim Procter
Tim moved to Brighton in 1998 and has 29 year’s experience of supporting people with HIV. In addition to being a trustee for Lunch Positive he is a Benefits Adviser at Terrence Higgins Trust.
“I started volunteering in HIV in 1986. Many of my friends had already been diagnosed or had died from HIV. Volunteering was a way for me to cope with feeling so helpless as my friends became unwell and died. I then came to provide benefits advice because it was a practical way of helping the many people who lost their employment following the breakdown in their health. It was challenging work and continues to be so. With my own diagnosis in 1990 my work increased in personal importance to me and continuing in this work with a very limited life expectation gave me huge rewards. With the introduction of drug therapy for HIV my life expectations, if not my health, improved. My day to day work as an adviser convinces me of the continued need for specialist services. HIV continues to have huge challenges for people with HIV and remains a diagnosis uniquely isolating. The benefits of a service like Lunch Positive to meet others in an informal social environment, fosters peer support and combats social isolation. Sharing a regular healthy lunch benefits individuals physically and emotionally and Lunch Positive does so much more! I am very proud be part of the team and bring the experience and insight gained through three decades of involvement in supporting people with HIV.”

Heather Leake Date
Profile in progress

Contacting the Trustee Board

The Trustee Board can be contacted in writing to:
Trustee Board, Lunch Positive. Community Base, 113 Queens Road, Brighton, BN1 3XG
or by e mail to:

Board Recruitment

Details of of our recruitment process can be viewed here. Our most rceent recruitment took place in October-December 2013.
Lunch Positive Trustee Recruitment
Board Skills Audit 2013

Charity Commission Information

The Charity Commission regulates charities registered in England and Wales. Their website gives information on charity law, governance, and holds information for all registered charities. To view the Charity Commission website, and to view our entry visit

Board Meetings

February 2015
Board signed off Lunch Positive Final Accounts & Trustees Annual Report 2013-14

February 2015
General meeting – Board met to discuss standing items, capacity building, and organisational structure.

November 2014
General meeting – Board met to discuss standing items, end of year finances and fundraising.

May 2014
General meeting – Board met to discuss standing items, end of year finances and reserves review, 2014-15 budgets; and strategic planning.

March 2014
Special meeting – Trustees met to formulate and sign off  2012 – 13 Trustees Annual Report and Independently Examined Accounts 

January 2014
General meeting – Board met to discuss priorities and work until year end 2013-14 and strategic planning for 2014-15

November 2013
General meetings – Board met to confirm appointment of new trustees and undertake induction

August 2013
General meeting – Board met to discuss recruitment of new trustees

June 2013
General Meeting – Board met to review 2012-13, discuss project development, longer term funding and recruitment of new trustees

April 2013
Our 2011 – 12 Trustees’ Annual Report and Accounts were published on the Charity Commission website

March 2013
Special meeting – Trustees met to formulate and sign off  Trustees Annual Report 2011 -12 and scrutinise and sign off Lunch Positive Examined Accounts 2011-12

February 2013
Progress meetings

December 2012
Progress meetings

November 2012
Progress meetings

October 2012
General Meeting – Board met to discuss general matters, strategic work for 2012 -14, and trustee recruitment

June 2012
Special Meeting – Board met to appoint new trustees

March 2012
Our 2010 – 11 Annual Return was published on the Charity Commission website